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We have some suggestions for how to prepare, take care of, and to keep your tattoo healthy. Your skin is our largest organ we have, so taking care of it daily should be something we all do. Below you will find ways to be ready for your session.


The Urban Magnolia Studio Good Skin Club

Before Your Session

Here are a few tips to prepare for your session:

  • Hydrate - Drink plenty of water. Your skin loves water, and needs it to be able to receive the ink in a healthy manner. It keeps redness down, and helps prevent the skin from becoming inflamed.

  • Moisturize - We believe in coconut oil. Using a daily moisturizer can help in keep the skin healthy and vibrant. Coconut oil is full of nutrients that aid the skin. 

  • Clean - Clean your skin with a good neutral soap. A soap that is free from dyes, and fragrances. 

  • No Shaving - Please do not shave, or wax the area that you wil be getting the tattoo in. This opens up the pores, and can prevent the tattoo ink from settling in properly. We will take care of the shaving part for you.

  • Problem Areas - If you have a rash, scratch, cut, or any other skin irritation, please let your artist know before hand.

  • Numbing Cream - Each artist can discuss with you their preference on numbing cream. Note: we do not provide numbing cream at the studio.

  • No Alcohol - The night before, refrain from alcohol use. It causes your veins to open and blood flow more freely, preventing ink from being captured in the skin.

The Urban Magnolia Studio Aftercare

During Your Session

Here are a few tips while you are in your session:

  • Hydrate - Drink plenty of water. I know we keep saying this, but even during the session, drink plenty of water.

  • Have A Snack - We offer snacks that offer a quick pick me up! Blood sugars can drop during a tattoo session causing some light headed feelings. A quick snack can help. Be sure to eat before you come in also!

  • Relax - It is so hard to say this when a needle is near your skin, but some good deep breaths help calm you, which in turn relaxes the skin.

  • Communicate - Let us know how you feel. If you need a break to use the restroom, breathe, drink some water, or just collect your thoughts, let us know!

The Urban Magnolia Studio Aftercare

After Your Session

Here are a few tips while you are in your session:

  • Hydrate - Drink plenty of water. Last time we will mention on this page!

  • Have A Snack - Yep, eat some food. You just went through it! Your body will need some nourishment. 

  • Moisturize - We love coconut oil for aftercare. You will want to use your choice of moisturizer at least two-three times a day. 

  • Sani-Derm - Our artist use Sani-Derm to cover your tattoo. If you wish not to use it, just let us know,a nd we can use an alternate for you. We think that Sani-Derm is great to use for a minimum of 24 hours, and up to 72 hours. Feel free to discuss with your artist how to remove, and what to expect from Sani-Derm.

  • Itching - New skin will form, and the old skin will be shed. During this process, your tattoo area will itch. It is important to not scratch the area, and use your moisturizer to help with the itching.

The Urban Magnolia Studio Aftercare
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