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It began as a desire to create a space that is comfortable and feels like family. We take pride in working on our craft as artists. We offer a variety of styles, appointments, and options in finding the right fit. 

Please take a look at the artists of The Urban Magnolia Studio, and feel free to reach out to any of them for a consultation, or information about booking an appointment. 

Our Artists

The Urban Magnolia Studio Reception Area

Meet The Artists

Studio Owner / Artist

Robert Barker

"I began my adventure with tattooing in 2020. After twenty-five long years in the restaurant industry, and as the world changed with lockdowns, it was a chance to reflect on my future. I picked up a machine online, and started watching hours of videos. I was graciously given an opportunity and worked diligently the next four years on my art and the skills of tattoos. I am never satisfied with where I am at, so I am constantly learning. I hope to be able to share everything I know with others that seek an opportunity."

The Urban Magnolia Studio Robert Barker Owner Tattoo Artist

Artist / Piercer

Lex Smith

Lex is a Chattanooga native who briefly served in the U.S. Navy. He started his career as a piercer 3 years ago and has since become a licensed tattoo artist.  As an avid horror fanatic, his tattoos and art alike express his love for all things weird and spooky. His biggest supporters are his wife, Hannah, and their daughter, Natalie.

The Urban Magnolia Studio Lex Smith Tattoo Artist

Artist / Piercer

Joshua Cordeal

Joshua Cordeal is a traveling tattoo artist, originally from Orlando, FL. Born 1991.

Self-taught, Joshua specializes in portraits and black and gray realism. 

Joshua began tattooing in 2012, after attending the International Academy of Design and Technology, where he studied Digital Media productions. Finding himself unfulfilled by his major, he found tattooing soon after dropping out. Immediately  realizing the difficulty in entering the industry, Joshua was constantly turned down for an apprenticeship. Determined to learn the trade of tattooing, he began practicing daily with equipment he'd purchased.

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